New interracial cum tribute to @ValeNappi’s ass on #xvideos

Someone has written to us that the cum tribute video, which we published a couple of days ago, was actually the same one which we had previously shared with you back in Nov13.

You are right: we didn’t notice it at first, and actually we could not believe that there was only one tribute to Valentina Nappi live on tube sites. So we have been looking around a little bit more, and here it is! Straight from xVideos, have a look at Jugnut12’s black cock spraying his tablet with sperm while he watches a scene with Valentina.

Well done man! And for all of you fans who are constantly jerking off and cumming to Valentina Nappi: WE WANT YOU!

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New tribute video to @ValeNappi on @xHamstercom!

Fellow Valentina Nappi fan mrdbond has recorded and submitted to the following video tribute to our beloved porn actress:

We were happy to see it and we are sure that there are out there many other fans who are doing the same on Valentina’s pictures and movies.

Don’t be shy, share your enthusiasm for Valentina with us!

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Cum Tribute to Valentina Nappi

Some months ago we launched our contest “Show your tribute to Valentina Nappi” and we invited our readers and followers to make a pic or a vid showing what effect the sight of Valentina’s pictures and movies has on them.

It looks like someone has eventually got our message! Check out this great video posted by xHamster user mrdbond!

We believe that this is a great start and we are sure that many more clips like this one will follow soon.

Don’t be shy! If you have posted your tribute to Valentina and it hasn’t shown up yet on our blog, let us know (by adding a comment to this post) and we will soon publish your tribute, too.



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Fan Club Contest: Show your Tribute to Valentina Nappi!

Hi Valentina fans,

As you all know or should know, our favorite pornstar has started some days ago a contest where she called out for people to catch her attention through YouTube videos.

There is a nice prize at stake, so we will monitor the situation and we will try to keep you all informed about the feedback that Valentina’s contest will raise.

But meanwhile… we have thought that it was now time to start our own contest, which we named…


Fan Club Contest: Show your Tribute to Valentina Nappi!Just make a pic or a vid showing what effect the sight of Valentina’s pictures and movies has on you.

Don’t be shy, show to fellow Valentina fans what you do when you watch Valentina Nappi’s movies!!!

You can take inspiration – if you wish – from any of the Valentina Nappi pictures and videos which we have uploaded to this fanclub website of ours in the past, or you can take any other Valentina picture you will find out there on the Web.

Use it to record your own tribute… and show it to us! How? We suggest you upload your picture or your video to porn tube site xHamster.

We have just started a xHamster profile for this fan club, so if you upload your pic or vid to there, then just send a message to us and we will notice it. Alternatively, you can also comment to this post and write here your link.

Naturally the contest is open to everybody with the only condition that you must be of legal age (please refer to the terms of use).

Unfortunately we cannot offer you the same prize of the other contest. Here you don’t win one day of sex with Valentina Nappi, but only… some moments of sex with yourself! Here you simply have the chance to see the result of your work published here at the fan club.

But for sure, sooner or later Valentina will notice it for sure!

So, happy fapping tributing to Valentina Nappi… and of course DOWN WITH WOODEN PUSSIES!

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