Hi Valentina Nappi fans worldwide,
Today we would like to share with you some interesting information which comes from Valentina Nappi in person, through her official blog in Italian.
We are proud to offer you a rough English translation (made with the help of some online tools) of Valentina’s latest post, where she explains how anyone could win the chance not only to meet her in person… but also to enjoy one full day of sex without taboos with his / her favorite pornstar!!!

After having  selected some aspirant porn actors for new videos which will soon be made for free and published on the web in free and equally free way (soon you will see), I want to think a little to those persons who would like to make sex with me but who do not want to be porn actors.
Differently from the Wooden Pussies that if they do not see money do not pull outside boobs, I DO NOT ASK YOU ANYTHING, NOT EVEN ONE EURO. But – and I say this from the beginning – I cannot afford to pay, to my partner that does not reside in Campania, the travel in order to reach, than therefore they must pay by themselves.
My proposal is: introduce yourself to me through a video on Youtube and, if I like you, I will contact to you through private message through Youtube (I have also an account).
I do not say a priori to you if I will contact one, two, three or thirty people: this depends on you, I did not fix limits of time neither of number, and I want to meet all (and only) those who impress me, nevermind if they are one, ten or fifty.
If you begin right now to load videos on Youtube and for all the summer (everyone of you can make more than one), starting from half September I will certainly begin to meet some of you. If you are interested, you should consider beginning quickly and even loading more than one video.
So that I can recognize the videos for me on Youtube, in order then to choose those that I like, it is necessary that you make them recognizable: I recommend you to include my name – Valentina Nappi – in the title and/or the description and/or the tag.
Obviously, the more your video becomes popular, the more it is easy that I stumble upon them when I carry out the search on Youtube in order to choose those which I like.
Obviously, the video contents will not have to be such to be censored by Youtube!
Regarding the topic of the video, I suggest something to you analogous to mine “DOWN WITH WOODEN PUSSIES” (that found here: Youtube: DOWN WITH WOODEN PUSSIES!) because this is an argument that to me is particularly important. You can also send your video as an answer video to mine.
You are free to make what you want, but the more is clear – in the title, the description and the tag – the reference to me Valentina Nappi and to the argument, the more it is easy that I find you. In any case feel free to express yourself very freely.
I like to consider the “prize” not exactly like a prize. In the first place because for me it is a pleasure to meet those, between you, whom I fancy meeting. And secondly because I like to think this as a “competition”. Let us put it so: it is simply a practical way in order to establish an acquaintance through the web, than it gives me a chance to concentrate on the people who, through a video, attract to me and are of interest to me.
I believe that the people whom I will contact, will sexually amuse themselves a lot passing an entire day with me.
They will have the possibility to realize with me their fantasies and, if they want, also to respond to my fantasies. Without video cameras and without being porn actors, but just for the pleasure to simply pass a beautiful day with me.