Valentina Nappi wants YOU!
Italian pornstar Valentina Nappi has announced that she is looking for candidates who want to become porn actors and shoot porn videos featuring herself both as actress and as director. The announcement was published through a post on Valentina’s official website (link above) and candidates can apply through the contact form of the same website.
Here is a translation of Valentina’s post:
Valentina Nappi
I am looking for would-be porn actors. I can offer the possibility to you to shoot some video with me, which could give you visibility in the field. I cannot offer more than this, because I DO NOT INTEND TO SELL THE VIDEOS. I intend to on put them on the web to be available for download in a COMPLETELY FREE way. For this reason, obviously, the production costs must be less than minimum. And I cannot pay you. No problem if someone wants to put the video on their own websites and to earn some money from advertising, indeed I CONSIDER POSITIVELY ANY FORM OF DIFFUSION OF THE PRODUCED MATERIAL. I cannot pay neither medical tests neither the travels to reach the location. Obviously I engage to pay the rent of locations and the cost of local travel to reach together the locations. And I can offer you a coffee. IF SOMEONE FINDS THIS OFFER LITTLE CONVENIENT, I CAN’T HELP. I can only say to you that also to me it has happened to shoot scenes for free, putting the travel expenses out of my pocket. For example this happened for my very first scene with Rocco. You should bear in mind that there are very few male actors around the scenes and I that have a sure visibility, therefore IF YOU MAKE GOOD SCENES WITH ME AND YOU PROVE TO SEEM BETTER THAN THE USUAL SUSPECTS, I BELIEVE IT’S NOT UNLIKELY THAT SOME PRODUCTION WILL CALL YOU. If you are interested, contact me through the contact form of my website, and explain to me your idea of porn. I sincerely hope that there are some of you out there who above all have a thinking head and that good dose of guts, “madness” and sacred fury which are all necessary in order to “compromise yourself” in making one or more porno scenes with Valentina Nappi.