Buttman’s Focus: Walking Butts! – Alby Rydes, London Keyes, Lucky B Dallas, Lola Foxx, Virgo Peridot, Valentina Nappi, John Stagliano

Director John ‘Buttman’ Stagliano follows close behind the plump, meaty, swaying derrieres of curvy blonde Lucky B. Dallas, ass-blessed Virgo Peridot, voluptuous Asian-American London Keyes, naturally voluptuous Valentina Nappi, tattooed and hard-bodied Alby Rydes, and ultra-thick porn bunny Lola Foxx. Whether adorned with skin-tight dresses, leggings, G-strings, Lycra, fishnets, vinyl fetish tape, glass suction cups or nothing at all, these phat, juicy asses are hypnotizing!

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Buttman’s Focus: Walking Butts! – Full movie available at EvilAngel.com

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Valentina Nappi on Donald Trump’s election

Valentina Nappi speaks with Giuseppe Cruciani and David Parenzo on Donald Trump’s election at Italian radio talk show “La Zanzara” on 10 November 2016.

Valentina Nappi intervistata da Giuseppe Cruciani e David Parenzo sull’elezione di Donald Trump nella puntata del 10 novembre 2016 de “La Zanzara” su Radio24.

Ass Party 6 Scene 2 FULL MOVIE @PornHub with @SarahShevon @ValeNappi

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We couldn’t believe our eyes when yesterday, soon after we published our review of Ass Party #06 scene #02, many die-hard Valentina Nappi fans wrote to us that the full scene (1 h 09 min) – realized by Joey Silvera for EvilAngel and also featuring Sarah Shevon – is available as a free tube video at PornHub!!!

So far so good, we got it and we proudly share with all of our readers. Before you start asking it, we also inform that the infamous scene where Valentina Nappi licks anal prolapse starts at about 42:30.

We believe that – like it always happens in cases like this – it won’t take long before someone at EvilAngel writes to PornHub in order to get the copyrighted movie removed from their tube site.

But if this happens, we can ensure that the original FullHD scene at EvilAngel is well worth the cost of a paid subscription. Don’t miss it!

Valentina Nappi licks @SarahShevon’s prolapsing asshole

Valentina Nappi licks @SarahShevons prolapsing asshole

Just in case you missed it, we would like to share with you this great gif animation showing Valentina Nappi who – while being anally fucked – is licking a wet, red rosebud coming out from Sarah Shevon’s prolapsing asshole.

As far as we know this is so far the only scene where Valentina performs such a kinky sexual action.

You can enjoy the full scene – also featuring Valentina who drinks Sarah’s squirt and snowballs a huge load of cum with her by visiting Ass Party #06 – Scene #02 at Joey Silvera’s website.

Ass Party 6, Scene 2 by @joeysilveraz with @SarahShevon for @EvilAngelVideo

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[stream provider=video flv=x:/hw01.trailers.famehosted.com/8/6/2/2/c22268/trailers/22268_02/tr_22268_02_hd.mp4 img=x:/hw03.images.famedownload.com/movies/22268/22268_02/previews/2/146/top_1_960x544/22268_02_01.jpg mp4=x:/hw01.trailers.famehosted.com/8/6/2/2/c22268/trailers/22268_02/tr_22268_02_hd.mp4 embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Sarah Shevon, lovely Doctor of Assology, counsels stunning, young  Valentina Nappi.

Before their session gets underway, the gorgeous patient is kissing and groping her glamorous therapist. The good doctor probes and loosens Valentina’s asshole with fingers, tongue and a thick dildo; assistant Mr. Pete thrusts his sturdy cock down the young slut’s throat, making her gag and drool.

Pete finger-fucks each girl to a wet, squirting climax! Both ladies worship his meaty member in a nasty anal threesome that leaves Sarah’s asshole prolapsed and widely blooming. The ladies share a load of sperm.

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@BangBros drill @ValeNappi in the ass

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[stream provider=video flv=x:/trailers5.bbcache.com/mranal/ma12135/trailerx/trailer_1500.mp4 img=x:/valentinanappi.info/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/BangBros-drill-Valentina-Nappi-in-the-ass.jpg mp4=x:/trailers5.bbcache.com/mranal/ma12135/trailerx/trailer_1500.mp4 embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Hello boys and girls, let’s have a look at another great porn scene by BangBros!

Valentina’s body is sexy and she is kinda new to the world but she loves anal all night and day. Today she takes a huge cock in her ass and wants more and more every inch that she takes.

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@RoccoSiffrediXX presents #XXXFucktory – The auditions: Mike Chapman fucks @ValeNappi

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[stream provider=video flv=x:/hot.famehosted.com/B/BF/BF7DF2F115/5/0/7/1/c21705/de63152b58/21705_03/01/21705_03_120sec_00.mp4 img=x:/image.famehosted.com/vids/5/0/7/1/c21705/de63152b58/21705_03/01/21705_03_120sec_00.jpg mp4=x:/hot.famehosted.com/B/BF/BF7DF2F115/5/0/7/1/c21705/de63152b58/21705_03/01/21705_03_120sec_00.mp4 embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over bandwidth=high autostart=false responsive=16:9 /]

Our beloved young Italian beauty Valentina meets American nut job Mike Chapman in her first scene ever!

The naturally voluptuous porn sweetheart hasn’t learned much English yet, so director Rocco Siffredi translates, concentrating on the international language of lust.

Valentina kneels and licks their enormous cocks, trying to fit both swollen shafts into her mouth. She gags on Mike’s big, black meat and joins him outside at the lake for more interracial face fucking.

This busty, bikini-clad cutie gets oiled up. Obediently she takes Mike’s massive member in every tight hole, sucks cock ass-to-mouth and swallows a mouthful of cum.

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#GloryHole #Anal by @DogFartNetwork: full movie at @Pornhub!

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There’s some truth to the myth that European sluts have absolutely NO reservations when it comes to fucking. Enter Valentina Nappi. Valentina comes to us via the canals of Italy and her thirst for big black cock might trump that of her American counterparts. Valentina enters the adult bookstore to find only the best in interracial porn. However, Valentina finds that she’s not alone when an anonymous black cock joins her masturbation session. Valentina shows no hesitation in sucking the black cock of someone she knows nothing about. The Italian slut sucks down that black meat while rubbing her pussy and gorgeous tits. Valentina puts other self-proclaimed “sluts” to shame when she lets that lucky black stranger RAW access to that sphincter. Yeah, she had no qualms about going flesh-on-flesh with that faceless black cock. Hesitation isn’t in this Euro slut’s vocabulary as she milks him dry of all his thug sauce.

As you see today we are not just sharing a trailer with you: this is the real complete scene, kind courtesy of PornHub.com as long as it stays online.

If you don’t see the video above it means that it has been removed from Pornhub. Don’t lose your time asking us to find it again on some other porn tube site: it’s much easier and better subscribing to GloryHole.com, which also gives you access to Valentina’s and other pornstars’ scenes at other sites such as BlackOnBlondes and CuckoldSessions.

New interracial cum tribute to @ValeNappi’s ass on #xvideos

Someone has written to us that the cum tribute video, which we published a couple of days ago, was actually the same one which we had previously shared with you back in Nov13.

You are right: we didn’t notice it at first, and actually we could not believe that there was only one tribute to Valentina Nappi live on tube sites. So we have been looking around a little bit more, and here it is! Straight from xVideos, have a look at Jugnut12’s black cock spraying his tablet with sperm while he watches a scene with Valentina.

Well done man! And for all of you fans who are constantly jerking off and cumming to Valentina Nappi: WE WANT YOU!

Interracial #Cuckold session by @DogFartNetwork with #creampie #cleanup

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Valentina Nappi is a foreign exchange student whose being hosted by Kade and his family. Kade is quick to discover that Valentina is fucking her African-American Studies professor, much to the dismay of Kade. We find Professor Diesel in his study as Kade barges in and demands answers-that’s a huge blunder on the part of the gutsy white boy. Shane’s not too happy and decides that a lesson in humility’s in order. We begin things with Valentina Nappi showing the cuckold exactly why she’s been living dangerously by fucking Professor Diesel- it’s the monstrosity that he carries in his pants to class on a daily basis. Valentina and Professor Diesel give Kade a private lesson on exactly how a white slut, American or otherwise, should get fucked and how the white man has no place in satisfying the Italian import. Professor Diesel has the cuckold take mental notes on the ways of fucking white pussy….and it ain’t gonna be from Kade’s white dick! Valentina Nappi’s mouth and pussy get fucked all over Professor Diesel’s study,and Kade’s lesson in minding his own fucking business comes to an end when Valentina’s Italian fuck hole gets creamed by a huge black cock. Take a wild guess as to who’s too close for comfort once the black cock begins to erupt!

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@DanaVespoli #fisting scene with @ValeNappi for @EvilAngelVideo available at @xhamstercom!

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Hey guys! Yesterday after sharing one Valentina Nappi’s creampie video I wrote that I would let you know if I spotted the full scene on some tube site.

Well well… Just after publishing the scene I popped at xHamster to see what new updates they had, and surprise surprise…

The creampie scene was not (yet?) there, but instead I found this outstanding video where for the first time Valentina gets anally fisted by the hand of sexy, sensual, lovely porn star Dana Vespoli!

The scene in question is the first one from EvilAngel video Back In Black. I don’t know for how long it will be available for free, but definitely I could not refrain from sharing it with you!

Check it out and enjoy. And I believe you will agree with me that every real die-hard fan of Valentina Nappi should subscribe to EvilAngel videos in order to have access to their immense catalogue of FullHD porn videos, including a number of great scenes featuring Valentina!