The Language of Orgasmatics – Marica Hase and Valentina Nappi
Marica Hase - Valentina Nappi
On this very special, international edition of Orgasmatics we bring you two world class babes, Marica Hase all the way from Tokyo, and Valentina Nappi, an Italian specialty. These two chicks don’t speak the same language at all, quickly finding out that Italian and Japanese are indeed not mutually intelligible at all, but that doesn’t stop Marica from getting onto Valentina for writing in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. This Kill Bill looking chick is equipped with her weapon of choice, a Magic Wand vibrator, and she gives it to Valentina with full force, showing her what Orgasmatics is all about right there by the bathroom sink! Bent over and taking it from behind, and then with legs spread, this Italian delight is kicking and screaming as she takes on more intensity than ever before, and all the while her face is smearing the lipstick on the mirror! Literally freaking out and going more wild than she ever imagined, Marica of course wants a taste of her own after this insane performance, so she gets on the floor and satisfies herself and learns just how hot and hard Orgasmatics really is! You don’t want to miss this very special, boner inducing lesbo update from Orgasmatics!