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Valentina uploaded today to the timeline of her official Facebook account a nice picture, that we share with you here.
We would like to seize this chance to give our visitors some more information about Valentina Nappi’s presence on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.
As far as we know, the only official active account of our favorite pornstar is here, on her own Facebook account valentina.nappi.6.
There are many other Facebook accounts and Facebook pages following Valentina Nappi, like for example our own one Valentina Nappi Fan Site. These accounts and pages are not managed neither by Valentina in person nor by people of her staff.
Apart from Facebook, we are not aware of any direct presence of Valentina’s on other social networks. Account @ValentinaNappi on Twitter is managed by Valentina’s fan club.
Please take note in case you wish to communicate with Valentina: don’t send messages to our fan club or to other Facebook pages, but refer to the link above to her official FB account.
Naturally, you’re welcome to like our page on FB or follow us on Twitter. The updates you will receive in this way do not come directly from Valentina, but as you see we don’t miss a single new movie or scene of Valentina’s without making a new post!