Uriel Fanelli writes of Valentina Nappi vs. Femen

Valentina Nappi’s video on gender-based violence raised a wide discussion on the subject. Many comments appeared below Valentina’s original video on Vimeo, some response videos were published to YouTube, some newspaper articles and blog posts focused on the matter.

We would like to share with you a post which was published some days ago on a blog with a German name, “Kein Pfusch“, by Italian blogger Uriel Fanelli. Thanks to our reader Marco for bringing it to our attention.

Uriel Fanelli writes of Valentina Nappi vs. Femen
Every minute in the world a child is reduced to slavery.

The original post in Italian is here, while our English-speaking visitors will probably better understand its translation.

We have read it and we have appreciated Uriel’s view very much. Good food for thought after all!