Buttman's Focus: Messy Slobber! – Virgo Peridot, London Keyes, Valentina Nappi, Alby Rydes, John Stagliano

Director John ‘Buttman’ Stagliano helps his kinky models wallow in their own gooey slobber! Each girl, lying on her back with her head tilted over the edge of a platform, uses a large dildo to fuck her throat until rivers of spit cover her face and her eyes well up with tears. This lewd, sloppy gagfest features curvaceous Virgo Peridot, glamour doll London Keyes, busty sweetheart Valentina Nappi and slutty showgirl Alby Rydes.

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Buttman's Focus: Messy Slobber! title=
Scene published on 2017-10-05
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