Club Pink Velvet – The Beginning – First Trailer @VivThomas

Club Pink Velvet – The Beginning – Coming Soon @VivThomas

WOW! We just saw this first trailer from new movie Club Pink Velvet – The Beginning which will soon be released at, and we instantaneously fell in love with the visual style, which differs from all past productions with Valentina.
Here is the plot outline taken from VivThomas’ blog:
Enraptured by the idea of starting a business for pleasure, not for money, a lesbian couple set about planning the sexiest house of pleasure ever to be built. You guessed it, they’re calling it “Club Pink Velvet”. They go over the top and under the covers researching the project and the hottest Hungarians get caught up in their quest.
We can’t wait to watch the full movie and watch the scene where Valentina makes sex with Henessy.
Meanwhile we wonder… Is RyanAir a sponsor?
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